Talking to Parents About Estate Planning

One of the most common questions Attorney Löan Shillinger gets asked comes from adults with aging parents. These “adult children” want to ensure that their parents have made plans for their future care. They want to know if there are legal documents in place to allow them to assist their parents in time of need, such as Power of Attorney, AHCD, and ultimately testamentary documents.

Over a series of short videos, Löan gives advice to adult children who might be dealing with parents who are facing one of three situations.

Scenario One: Discussing Estate Planning with Willing Parents

Happy to have open discussions about Estate Planning. If you’re in this situation, be thankful. This can be a challenging topic for many, so consider yourself lucky. Click here to watch the video if this describes your scenario.

Scenario Two: Talking to Your Parents About Estate Planning When They are Somewhat Resistant

Somewhat resistant to discussing their Estate Plan. Some parents aren’t prepared to have this conversation with their children and show resistance to the idea. Click here to watch the video for you.

Scenario Three: When Your Parents Refuse to Discuss Estate Planning

Extremely resistant and unwilling to discuss their Estate Plan. Used to always being in control, aging parents aren’t always open to talking about their future with their children. If this is the situation you are in, then you will want to watch this video and hear Löan’s advice for you.

If you are looking to approach the topic with your parents, then you will want to check out these videos!

  • 27 Dec, 2018
  • Löan Shillinger
  • Estate Planning, Parents,

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