Police Departments are Paying to be Trained on How to Keep Your Money

In a segment from earlier this year, CNN’s Anderson Cooper investigated the growing problem of civil asset forfeiture, otherwise known as “policing for profit.” By law, police officers are allowed to seize personal property, including cash, if they believe it is in some way connected to criminal activity. And even if the police are never actually able to make that connection, they can still hold onto your cash.

Anderson Cooper - Asset Forfeiture

CNN Reports on Growing Problem of Police Seizing and Keeping Property


Watch the news segment here:

As CNN discovered, police departments around the country are paying tens and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars for their officers to be trained on how to most effectively seize and retain personal property and cash. Victims of these procedures are often too afraid to even try to get their money back, for fear that they could be charged with a crime. As shown in this report, the police sometimes files charges, then agree to drop them as long as they get to keep the money.

While it is understandable that most people wouldn’t want to stand up to law enforcement and demand their property, we at Shillinger Law have made this a focus of our practice. We have years of experience dealing with police agencies and recovering our clients’ seized property. If you have been the victim of civil asset forfeiture, we’re here to help.

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  • 20 Aug, 2015
  • Löan Shillinger

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