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Loan Shilliger

Shillinger Law Travels; We Come to You

Are you among the many people who don’t have an estate plan in place? It can be overwhelming to think about planning for the future – unless you work with Shillinger Law. Our focus is to simplify the estate planning process, and we’re also available to assist with probate and asset forfeiture matters.

If you think all lawyers are the same, think again. Principal Löan Shillinger makes “house calls”: that’s right, she comes to you. This is a key part of the Shillinger Law philosophy of providing the highest level of personalized care – something that can only happen when your attorney gets to know you and your needs on an in-depth basis.

Our unique commitment to client service – which includes providing introductions to other trusted advisors as necessary – is why a significant percent of Shillinger Law’s business comes from referrals from current and existing clients.

Shillinger Law serves the San Diego area as well as the entire state of California.

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Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for ongoing social and informative events hosted by Shillinger Law. Each month we hold at least one free interactive event to provide useful tips on money management and estate planning. We know that setting up wills and establishing retirement plans aren’t the most exciting subjects, so we make these events as fun and stress-free as possible.

January 18 San Diego Seminar

Estate Planning

Time: 11:45 am-1:00 pm
Location: George Stephens Senior Center, 570 S. 65th Street, San Diego, CA 92114
Topic: Estate Planning. Looking for assistance on how to best utilize your assets? Come receive expert advice from Loan Shillinger on how to plan for your estate the right way!


Elderly Fraud Seminar San Diego

Estate Planning

Time: 10:00 am-11:00 am
Location: Paradise Village Retirement Community 2700 E 4th St. National City, CA 91950

Topic: Elder Financial Fraud. Scammers specifically target elders to take advantage of a time that is supposed to be full of fun and relaxation. Guest speaker, Kimberly Swierenga, will explain how to help you avoid scams and keep your finances secure.


Visit our Events page to see our full list of events. It’s easy to register and you’re welcome to bring friends.


Estate Planning  


Protect your family and peace of mind by preparing for the future. It’s easy to do and can prevent unnecessary hardship in the event of a tragedy. Learn more.

Trust Administration

trust administration paperwork

Trust administration is the management of trust property according to the terms of the trust. We work closely with you to navigate the legal requirements. Learn more.

Probate Law

Photo of Law Books

Probate is the process of distributing a your estate to your heirs in the manner you want. Even when a will is in place, disputes arise as to how assets are divided. That’s where we come in. Learn more.

Asset Forfeiture


The government can seize an your assets for a variety of reasons, regardless of whether any crime or wrongdoing was committed. Prevent the unwarranted seizure of your property. Learn more.